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Te Anau, New Zealand
Jun 12th 2016, 6:59PM
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Most of the sandwich or pie will have at least one meatless option in NZ. Here's my Egg & Chives Sandwich for lunch on the cruise.
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Michellicious   Jun 13th 2016 at 12:17AM
Ha! And the filling is so thick!!
FatJedi   Jun 13th 2016 at 11:04PM
Generously overflowing with egg!
MeiMei   Jun 16th 2016 at 1:24AM
That's why sandwich can be a lunch there but not in Malaysia! Our sandwich here is so small in portion 😂
PiggyLovesToEat   Jun 22nd 2016 at 1:36AM
Actually their sandwich size is about the same like here (ok maybe slightly bigger), but the filling is really a lot! And their bread also full of multi grains. Very nutritious! You'll be surprise angmo all eat very light for lunch, a sandwich and an apple, that's it. While the Asian eats rice or noodle bento lol. That's why ppl grow tall and we grow fat 😝
MeiMei   Jun 22nd 2016 at 1:48AM
Yerrr I beh tahan....my breakfast and lunch must be sumptuous so I could have energy for the rest of the day... Oops maybe that's what makes me stay awake during the night? Excessive energy 😝
PiggyLovesToEat   Jun 22nd 2016 at 9:40AM
Lol! Actually my lunch is also only bread and an apple everyday, only difference is I didn't put so much ingredients, like salads etc., only homemade peanut butter. But I guess it's depends on your work as well, if your work is like mine only sitting in front of computer, then better don't eat too much lol. 😁
MeiMei   Jun 26th 2016 at 8:47AM
Oh yeah it depends on the workout. Eat more then workout more, if little workout then eat fewer!
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