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真的只需要RM3一餐! 3菜任選+1飯 = RM3 🥺 而且菜色款式超多的。青菜、豆腐、茄子、馬鈴薯、酸辣菜、素叉燒、.. see more
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素的pandan雞!大家都說很好吃 🤗
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那不是我媽,"那是你媽"(nasi lemak) ! 哈哈哈,因為本人只是不吃肉,所以含有蛋和洋蔥。不吃蛋和洋蔥的朋友可.. see more
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The food are really good! And they do have a wide selections. Even my husband and mother in law who's non vegetarian love the food.. see more
Sandalo Weekday Gourmet
Sandalo Healthy Vegetarian
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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