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Aka Chochin Izakaya
Pavilion, Level 3, Lot C3.10.01B, Kuala Lumpur
Jan 1st 2015, 8:32PM
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Mushroom + tempura + rice for lunch & dinner..I couldn't finish it tho haha!
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FatJedi   Jan 1st 2015 at 8:47PM
The mushrooms look very nice. I'll help you finish it! Haha this is enough as your lunch + dinner?
ShalisDarkhunter   Jan 2nd 2015 at 12:32AM
more than enough~ if not surely will order some desserts haha
PiggyLovesToEat   Jan 2nd 2015 at 6:59PM
Is that tempura mushroom too? Haha 😜
ShalisDarkhunter   Jan 3rd 2015 at 12:14AM
nope! lol that's pumpkin
PiggyLovesToEat   Jan 4th 2015 at 9:06AM
Oic! What a coincidence! My mom just cooked pumpkin tempura the other day lol!
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