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Beyond Veggie   -   Petaling Jaya & 3 Branches
Nov 8th 2016, 5:29PM
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The worst experience with worst service and awful attitude from the worker. There's no air conditioner in the restaurant and when I requested to sit outside, he said there's no one working and asked me to get my own food from kitchen, horrible experience!
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ValentinaSamanthaLai   Nov 8th 2016 at 9:04PM
Yes! I was so insulted! He said you can if you're willing to serve yourself and get food from the kitchen yourself and do everything yourself, I assume he meant also to clear the table and everything, which is ridiculous because it's only a few steps away! He's the man in the picture, so called manager. This is the bangsar nexus branch, the food's quality is declining as well, I suggest you spend your money at somewhere else more worth it and with service that actually treats you like human!
FatJedi   Nov 8th 2016 at 9:36PM
That's the first time I came across such a type of manager response, I'd be fuming too haha! I haven't tried the food at this outlet before, but I've been tried Mango Chili's KindMeal deal there, it's pretty nice.
Erika   Nov 8th 2016 at 10:48PM
This is so not right, should write to their HQ!
MarionSeow   Nov 9th 2016 at 6:58PM
I think the manager want to resign already...hihi !
ValentinaSamanthaLai   Nov 10th 2016 at 9:20AM
Yeah perhaps he's looking to be fired to at least get compensation or something, he's really acting like this by purpose!

And yes I will write to their HQ! This is not just bad service but it's kinda a personal insult to me!
KindMealAdmin   Nov 10th 2016 at 9:22AM
Hi Valentina, we are sorry to hear of your bad experience. We have already communicated your feedback to Beyond Veggie's HQ, and they would like to sincerely apologize. They are already investigating into the matter.
ValentinaSamanthaLai   Nov 10th 2016 at 9:42AM
Hello KindMeal Admin, thank you! I would like to personally drop them an email as well to address how serious this issue is, and I don't think they should deliver their apologies through third parties. Thank you once again!
KindMealAdmin   Nov 10th 2016 at 9:48AM
Welcome, Valentina. Certainly, please feel free to contact them directly as well. You could also include a link to this KindMoment post for their reference. Thank you once again for supporting meat-free lifestyle!
ValentinaSamanthaLai   Nov 10th 2016 at 9:51AM
Thank you KindMeal Admin, I would like to also like to thank you for the speedy reply and looking into this issue with me, and certainly I love this app and have been promoting to all my friends. Please keep up the good job and hoping to see more amazing deals coming up! 😊
KindMealAdmin   Nov 10th 2016 at 10:02AM
Thanks for your kind words of encouragement and sharing with your friends, Valentina! We'll continue to work hard to bring you more tasty deals. If you know of any friends running restaurants or cafes, please do connect them with us too, it's free for them run promotions on our platform.
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