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Good Food By Gan
Jun 14th 2020, 3:10PM
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Yong Tau Foo🌶

You know what? I am supposed to upload my yong tau foo video today on my YouTube channel but the video is taking forever to render.

I figured it would be better to upload it tomorrow! So to compensate that, let me tell you my yong tau foo story...

Yong tau foo was one of my favourite Hakka Chinese cuisine but it is usually made with meat mixture or fish paste. When I was younger, my father would make them from scratch by making the fish paste from fresh fish and then stuff the paste into eggplant, cucumber, chili, tofu and more.

I still remember how delicious they were but I chose to not have them anymore because they are not vegan🥺

📌REMINDER: animals are friends not food! (Do you know fish can feel pain too?) 🐟🦑🐟🐬🐳

Then I saw my family had yong tau foo for dinner the other day and I felt left out because I can’t have them.

Therefore, I was determined to veganised it. These photos were taken after my first attempt to make yong tau foo because

It was not so successful but I have learned a lot 🔥Especially to mimic the texture of the stuffing, which was originally made with fish paste, was difficult. I let my family members taste them and they told me what can I improve.

Right after that day I made another batch with improved recipe and they told me they love it! They said the texture is very close to the real thing!

And you know what’s even better? I shoot the process and have edited into a video to share with you the recipe! You learn from my experience so you don’t have to repeat my mistake or do your own experiment 🧪 I promise the latest version of yong tau foo looks even better than these in the photos!

Okay~ now please stay tuned to the recipe and.... whut? You haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel? Please do so now so you won’t miss this video tomorrow: 😎

Okay, that’s all for now. I shall go back and check if the video is rendering smoothly (sometimes the software crashed 😱!) Pray for me pleaseeeee

Gan 💓
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