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Good Food By Gan
Mar 7th 2021, 3:10PM
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Anchovies are one of the crucial ingredients in making stock and broth in where I was brought up and my favourite Korean food.It was the source of umami (or savouriness) that will give your soup a great flavour. 🤔

However, there are ways you can recreate that UMAMI using plant-based ingredients🥬

I have been using this combination to veganised all recipes and it is working very well!🥰

There are a few staple ingredients you need:
- Kombu/dried kelp
- Dried shiitake mushroom
- White radish/daikon
- Soy bean (especially in Chinese recipes)
- Spring onion roots

Kombu and dried shiitake mushrooms give you that fishy/ocean flavour. White radish provides sweetness (do you know MSG is made of radish extract?). Soy beans are high in protein which made a great substitute to anchovies in providing UMAMI🧅

I got this idea to use spring onion roots in making stock from watching Korean cooking videos. They gives sweetness to the broth but in a very mild way. Such a good way to reduce waste😍

These ingredients has a very mild flavour. They are able to provide that OHM without overpowering the flavour of the dish😋

In the picture:
1. Korean Soup Noodles (Guksu)
2. Yong Tau Foo Soup (recipe on my YouTube channel)
3. Korean Fish Cake Soup
4. Homemade Pan Mee (recipe on my YouTube channel)
5. "Fish" Head Noodle (recipe on my YouTube channel)
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