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Good Food By Gan
Apr 12th 2021, 1:10PM
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Steamed glutinous rice aka 糯米鸡 Nuo Mi Ji, a popular dim sum that is loved by many.

Traditional recipe uses pork lard to give it the fat and aroma. In this vegan version, I used garlic and shallots infused oil instead and turned out it was a great substitution.

Another tips to make it yummy is to use the water that you used to soak the dried mushrooms. It has all the umami that you shouldn't waste. If you're worried about the dirt on your dried mushroom, here's what you can do before soaking:
- Add the dried mushrooms in a large bowl together with water and some flour. Flour helps to remove the dust on the mushrooms.
- Rub the mushrooms gently for a while then rinse them with clean water. You may soak them now.

To replace chicken, I used soy chuip knots that are well marinated. They are super yummy!

Last but not least, soaking the glutinous rice is crucial. Some said 4-6 hours, some said overnight and some said 8 hours. I guess it depends on what texture you like your nuo mi ji to be, but I would suggest not more than 12 hours. The easiest way is to soak it overnight in the fridge and use it in the next morning. The soaking will ensure the grains to cook and absorb moisture evenly. Once steamed, the grains will become tender yet chewy - which is what makes it so delicious!
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