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Good Food By Gan
Apr 16th 2021, 1:10PM
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Red bean steamed bun 豆沙包 (dou sha bao) ❤🤍❤🤍 A soft and pillowy steamed bun with sweet homemade red bean filling.

I love making steamed bun because it's so much easier than making bread. You get soft bun with just a bit of kneading. With the help of baking powder, the steamed bun gets even more fluffy and soft.

My homemade red bean paste uses way less oil compared to the conventional one. It might not be as smooth and sticky but definitely much healthier. It's sweet, warm and delicious.

This is my childhood favourite. I still remember the uncle that drive a motorbike with a electrical steamer to sell dim sum in my neighborhood and dou sha bao is always sold out even before he reached our area. My mom told me that I would cry because I really want to eat dou sha bao so badly. Sorry mom I was a annoying kid LOL.
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