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Good Food By Gan
Sep 7th 2021, 6:10PM
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My failure stories 🥺🌻

Mooncake Festival is coming soon. I wanted to make you some yummy mooncakes recipes 🌕

Here are my attempts 🧪🧫⚗ I have a matcha red bean Teochew spiral pastry mooncakes last year so I decided to make a yam version and Cantonese mooncakes this year!

But but but but.... both of them didn't turn out well🌚

The crust of my Cantonese mooncakes recipe was too fragile it cracks when I tried to wrap the filling. I managed to get them done but if you look closely you'll find all the cracks😱

So, a BIG no to this recipe.

My Teochew mooncake went on smoothly until I cut it open for taste test. You know what? The pumpkin floss I added in the filling has gone bad and it smelled like gas (idk why!).

Omg.... the whole batch was gone. I had to make another batch but I was already too tired🥱

Anyway I am trying these recipes again tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be distracted and spontaneously wanted to make another recipe pulakkkk aduh 😗🙈
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