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Raw Chef Yin
May 23rd 2018, 3:10PM
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Woke up this morning and felt like making a vegan panna cotta. Decided to plate it with fresh passion fruit. Most chefs would add a sweetener to the fruit so that it's easier to handle but I wanted my fruit to be naked and untouched without any more added sugar. This also has a Spirulina Crumble which was adapted from the Plantlab Cookbook. I must make time to try out more recipes from that beautiful book of his!

*Coconut Panna Cotta*
ΒΌ cup almonds, soaked overnight
1 cup water
1 teaspoon agar-agar powder
Coconut meat from one young coconut (approximately 1 1/2 cups coconut meat)
β…“ cup liquid sweetener of choice
2 tablespoons coconut oil
Pinch salt

Blend almonds with 1 cup of water. Pour through strainer, keep the liquid and set aside the almond pulp. This liquid is actually your almond milk. Heat up liquid on medium heat, and add in agar-agar powder. Stir for 2 minutes. Pour liquid into blender, add coconut meat, liquid sweetener, coconut oil and salt. Blend till smooth. Pour into moulds and place in fridge to set for 4 hours.

Note: The next time I make this I will reduce the agar-agar to Β½ teaspoon as the panna cotta was a bit too firm. Will see if this makes the texture closer to the traditional panna cotta.
It was a bit too sweet as well so maybe I'll reduce it to 1/4 cup of liquid sweetener instead.

Also spot the marigold flowers which are actually from the tea that @everleafstoremalaysia
delivered to me!
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