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Deuce KL
Jan 11th 2019, 3:10PM
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Celebrated my birthday at Deuce KL where @chef_onion and his team specially came up with a raw vegan dinner for me, upon request. This is my sixth dinner there!

I was super fascinated with his creations because it's so different from the raw vegan restaurants that I've visited in Asia like Bali, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Most places have your usual raw noodles, pizza, cheesecakes and brownies but this was something fresh and exciting for us!😀

Here's what we had:
Trio of dips with crackers ➡️ there was baba ganoush, eggplants and tomatoes

💚1st course
Spicy ice plant salad with Asian dressing➡️ I liked how the dressing reminded me of the chilli sauce that usually accompanies chicken rice in KL

💚2nd course
Daikon and apple with horseradish, fennel and mustard ➡️ the prettiest dish of the day

💚3rd course
Spicy and sour soup (this one isn't fully raw since he used tofu -- and Mr Jazz Guitarist loved it. Reminded me of wedding dinner soups.😁 Massive knife skills to cut the tofu into tiny filaments. Oh, do check out my friend's @sabnspice's post on it too if you're curious on how to make it)

Corn salsa with guacamole and smoked tomatoes ➡️I love avocado and gaucamole so was ecstatic this was on the menu

Coconut and mango with macadamia and local fruits -➡️loved how Chef Onion included aloe vera and langsat into the dessert. He explained that the idea was to have everything white except for the mango.

Birthday surprise -- there was ice cream with celery. CELERY! I love celery. How perfect! 👏

Thank you to the entire team at Deuce KL for such a memorable birthday dinner. 🙏

Note this is not a vegan restaurant, so if you're interested in having special vegan meals, do contact them a few days in advance so they can prepare the dishes for you.
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