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Raw Chef Yin
Jan 3rd 2020, 6:10PM
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HARVEST BOWL (raw vegan) - tried out a recipe by Chef @lauren_lovatt at @veecoco_academy.

The Raw Food Fundamentals course by Lauren is by far my favourite course at Veecoco. I do have to admit I’m biased coz I’m a raw food chef. Lauren has immense knowledge on raw food and she gives valuable tips and advice on how to make immensely flavoursome raw dishes. I like how she breaks down the components of raw food into bite-sized pieces so you can understand the thinking behind it. The part of plating is also very useful as I’m always striving to present my food in an attractive manner. (Not sure if I got it right for this one as I most probably overcrowded the @bendangstudio_official bowl. In the course, Lauren’s plate has way more negative space. Anyways, it was DELICIOUS!)

Here are the various components that pulled the whole Harvest Bowl together:
~ savoury herb granola made in my @excaliburedehydrator
~ dehydrated tomato crisps also made in my Excalibur Dehydrator
~ romesco sauce
~ massaged kale → I used @marylebonegroup coconut oil spread and my Thermomix to massage the kale to get it to a “cooked” consistency
~ zucchini noodles with cashew cheese
~ vinaigrette for the savoury herb granola was made using @olivegrov.es
~ @greenpatchmalaysia mizuna and baby beet microgreens
~ fresh tomatoes
~ I also included my lacto-fermented belimbing buluh and jambu air (recipe in my award-winning eBook FUN WITH FERMENTS https://gum.co/UOMzn)
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