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Raw Chef Yin
Feb 5th 2020, 8:10PM
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CASHEW CHEESE (raw vegan) using kombucha as a fermentation aid!

Looking for an affordable vegan cheese fermentation aid? Have you tried using kombucha? It’s most probably cheaper than using probiotic powders in Malaysia.

@damian_vegan_chef asked me during the Singapore Vegan Festival whether I have used kombucha to culture my vegan cheeses. He said that it should be really interesting with all those flavours in the booch coming together.

Since @m3rcce gave me some of his kombucha to try, I thought I’d save some and experiment with making cashew cheese. 💚🧀

It worked!! After 24 hours, the cashew mixture fermented really nicely. I added in some @mu.soysauce organic tauchu as well, dehydrated in the @excaliburdehydrator for the rind and then let the cheese age in the fridge for 7 days. 😋

After the aging, the flavours really developed. Mr Jazz Guitarist didn’t like it on day 1, but by day 7, he was really enjoying the cheese!

For those who bought my Fun with Vegan Cheese eBook, you can do the same. Just substitute the water for kombucha instead on page 1 for the Basic Fermented Cashew Cheese. Happy cheesemaking!

If you haven’t gotten my vegan cheese eBook yet, here's the link to get it: https://gumroad.com/l/NlYnx

It’s USD12.99 and here are the recipes you can expect:

Discover over 20 vegan cheeses & their accompaniments
~ Basic Fermented Cashew Cheese
~ Nori Cheese
~ Gochugaru Cheese
~ Aged Apricot & Walnut Cheese
~ Malaysian Cheddar Cheese
~ Basic Sunflower Seed Cheese
~ Savoury Sunflower Seed Cheese
~ Ashed Sunflower Seed Cheese
~ Coconut Milk Cheese
~ Mozzarella
~ Coconut Spirulina Cheese
~ Brie-style Cheese
~ Coconut Cheese
~ Rawmesan
~ Feta Cheese
~ Macadamia Spirulina Cheese
~ Cheese Log
~ Swiss Cheese
~ Cheese Ball
~ Brown Cheese
~ Spicy Nacho Cheese Sauce
~ Almond Cheese
~ Mushroom Pate
~ Cranberry & Rambutan Sauce
~ Easy Flax Crackers
~ Dragon Fruit Jam

🙏Thank you so much for your support. It will help me work on making even more awesome vegan cheese recipes for you!
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