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Raw Chef Yin
Dec 13th 2020, 6:10PM
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My submission to @foodfutureinstitute
I just used all-purpose flour as I couldn’t get those listed in the recipe. I also FORGOT to add the oil. I found the dough a bit sticky - would adding oil have helped? I hand rolled this as I have no pasta machine and am still thinking whether I should get one since I do mostly raw…
Am getting better at rolling my dough nice and thin now. Have learnt to let the dough rest in between rolling so I can roll it even thinner. Took me quite a number of tries to figure out how the right thickness - not too thin or the dough will break after I put the filling and not too thick either because after cooking it gets thicker!

Also, I found that if I used a 2-inch cutter, the 1 tsp of filling was too much. So I eventually switched to a 2.5-inch cutter.

I couldn’t get my cauliflower filling thick enough and in the end I blended it with some leftover cashew cheese 😉 Sorry for cheating! Took me quite a number of tries before I could finally fold it in a decent manner.

Very pleased with the final results. The broth took a loooong time but was worth the wait.
My first time ever making cappelletti! I am beginning to really enjoy and appreciate this pasta-making process. Thanks for the lessons!

“Glad to hear your progress and I'm happy you substituted with cashew cheese, I'm sure it was delicious!!! Those cappelletti look absolutely stunning! What a beautiful plating! Your cappelletti are the perfect size and your filling ratio is very well balanced. Your pasta is sealed correctly and looks perfectly al dente! The broth has a lovely golden tone and you served just the right amount. Lovely garnish, great choice with the green herbs, it really makes all the colours pop out! Can't wait to see your next dishes!”
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