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Penang Delight
Aug 30th 2022, 4:10PM
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💚Vegan Food Adventures With Raw Chef Yin featuring Penang Delight💚

48, Jalan Cantonment, Pulau Tikus, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang

I think I found this place via Google Map, thanks to Eugene Wong’s review.

Initially I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go or not…

Only because I was planning to have fruit for breakfast…

We had gone for a nice morning walk along Gurney Drive and then decided to walk over to the Pulau Tikus market and bought bananas and jackfruit for breakfast to eat.

And then was very curious about Penang Delight, so we just went over to see what the food was like.

We thought maybe if they have Nasi Lemak, we could just have a tiny bit to try.

The dishes were freshly cooked at that time at 8.48am.

They looked so inviting especially the asam “fish” and the tau yu bak. And this one didn’t have eggs!

We asked if they used any eggs in any of the dishes and they said no. It’s all vegetarian.
And then we double-checked to make sure there’s no dairy either, especially in the curry.


So we ended up trying a bit of almost everything…

🌱Fried mee hoon
🌱Asam pedas
🌱Tau Yu Bak
🌱Curry mutton
🌱That melon dish (I’ve eaten this loads of time before I was vegan but can’t remember the name!)
🌱Loh hon cai (I think!)

They also had fried noodles but I felt that was a bit heavy so decided not to take those noodles.

We enjoyed all the dishes!!

Total came up to RM19.

This place is still very new so do show them some support so they can prosper 🙂
Told them I’m from KL and happened to be around the area and also saw Eugene’s review so wanted to check it out.

One of the co-founders is from KL and speaks English so she was explaining everything to us. Thank you!

(There does seem to be a confusion between vegetarian and vegan, as they have the idea that some vegans eat unfertilised eggs, so if you’re going there please double check to ensure all the dishes don’t have eggs or dairy or honey as the dishes are different based on availability.)
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