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Kaarees @ Crown Colony Cuisine
L3-15, Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Professor Khoo Kay Kim, ..
Oct 1st 2022, 7:10PM
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👑During the lockdowns, we used to order food regularly from Crown Colony Cuisine.

When things began to open up, we wanted to go there to eat as we’ve never been to the actual restaurant. But they had a private event so it was closed to the public on the day we wanted to go.

Then when we planned to go on another date, the place was temporarily closed 😔

So we finally went last week.

We had:
Served with nasi ulam, 3 types of curries, 3 types of vegetables, acar rampai, watermelon raita & kerabu apple

✅Set E- RM 25
Popiah Goreng, | Acar Rampai | Mutt'n Curry | Nyonya Mee Siam

✅Set A- RM 20
Apple Kerabu | Popiah Coreng | Chick'n Rendang | Rice

Came with Masala Tea.
Plain water was complimentary.

When we arrived there, the shutters were only half opened. That was a bit strange at 12plus pm since they had told me on Whatsapp that they open at 11.30am.

Even weirder was that there’s a sign on the shutters saying they are closed. Later they explained they were closed the day before for a private event.

Anyway, I was pretty sure they were opened as we had made a reservation via Whatsapp the day before.

So we went in and after saying hello hello hello, one of the staff came out and assured us the place was open and she was frantically calling the others to turn up.

The lady who eventually served us was pretty nice.

There was a typo in the menu…Set E was labelled as Set C, good thing we spotted it, if not we couldn’t have had the mee siam.

I was quite curious about the banana leaf rice so I ordered the Nyonya Set as that seemed very interesting.

The place is now under a different owner.

It felt like the food wasn’t as fresh as it used to be when we ordered delivery.

It’s still quite tasty though.

The non-vegan eating with us enjoyed her meal box, so that's a good sign.

Very quiet day and we were the only ones having lunch there - the mall was also very quite. Wonder if it was due to the school holidays and everyone was out of town?

I do hope they will continue as a fully vegan restaurant!

Karees @ Crown Colony Cuisine
L3-15, Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Professor Khoo Kay Kim, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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