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Exquisite Korean Flavors
With MIN Cafe   -   Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Jul 2nd 2023, 3:23PM
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🌱VEGAN FOOD ADVENTURES with Raw Chef Yin - With Min Cafe🌱

As I was still trying to rest my finger a bit, we decided to check out With Min Cafe for lunch.

We saw them posting on the vegetarian FB group that they offer vegetarian options and are open
to veganising the dishes too.

And since KindMeal.my just introduced the KindMeal coupon for this place, I thought it was the perfect time to try it out. You get 10% off with the coupon.

This place serves meat but they do have 2 pages in the menu that is labelled vegetarian. When requesting for vegan options, please specify clearly that you don’t want eggs, dairy, mayo, cheese, cream, honey etc as they might not be too familiar with the word vegan.

We had:
✅Glass Noodles Stir Fried With Veggies Japchae RM 21.00
✅Avocado Bibimbap RM 24.00
✅Spicy Tteokbokki RM 19.00
✅Homemade organic Sujeonggwa (RM11 - he gave us complimentary drinks)
Sub Total RM 64.00
Grand Total RM 67.84

With KindMeal coupon: RM 61.00
Get your free KindMeal coupon here: https://www.kindmeal.my/WithMINCafe

There were some hiccups when we were there.

Firstly, we ordered the Kimchi Soup with rice. But when they served it to us, it came as Kimchi Soup with Noodles. So they said they’ll change it for us to rice.

After 2 spoonfuls of the kimchi soup, I spotted meat in it. Brought this to their attention and they apologised for the mistake as we had already told him much earlier that we’re vegan.

They couldn’t make us another one as they had run out of kimchi so we ended up with the avocado bibimbap.

He also offered us complimentary drinks as an apology. We enjoyed the Spicy Tteokbokki tremendously.

The Japchae tasted like authentic Korean Japchae (unlike the one we had at HY Family Cafe), so that was good.

The Avocado Bibimbap was yummy too.

Since only 2 people were working that day, service was a bit slow. The cafe is really cute though, and there were some interesting books to read while waiting.

Dress lightly as it’s quite warm inside - the place seems like it’s semi-open air even though there’s air-conditioning.

The Korean guy serving us was really nice although he couldn’t speak English that well so I think some things might have been lost in translation and we couldn’t quite understand what he was saying. I wonder if he’s Min, I was a bit shy to ask.

We would go back again as they have good vibes and I liked the taste of the food.

With Min Cafe
2nd floor(P-02-06A), Tropicana Avenue, Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, 47410, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
+60 17-208 3359
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KindMealAdmin   Jul 5th 2023 at 3:07PM
Thank you for sharing your authentic, delicious experience!
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