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At Poultry Plants Allowed To Run Faster Processing Lines, A Greater Risk Of Covid-19 | Food And Environment Reporting Network
by Compassion Over Killing, 16 December 2020
We don't need to eat chicken -- but the chicken industry needs exploitation to function.

Crowded high-speed kill lines in slaughterhouses are breeding grounds for COVID-19, and outbreaks in these facilities have posed one of the biggest deadly challenges to the United States getting a handle on this virus.

Wearing a mask and social distancing are both crucial to stemming the spread of COVID-19 -- but there’s more you can do, and it could help prevent another pandemic like this one. Boycott the meat industry to increase your impact and save lives today. For help getting started with plant-based eating, visit: https://bit.ly/3mDiCVH


Source: Compassion Over Killing
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