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Investigation Of Tyson Grower Reveals Mass, Systemic Cruelty
by Compassion Over Killing, 18 May 2023
🚨BREAKING INVESTIGATION🚨: We recently investigated Jannat Farm in Virginia, a Tyson producer that raises chickens for meat, where our undercover investigator documented a flock of 150,000 birds from the time they were small chicks until they were sent to slaughter. The investigator obtained footage not only of pervasive, systemic cruelty, but also evidence that Tyson knew about cruel conditions and practices at the facility.

While undercover our investigator witnessed chicks deprived of food and water, filthy and dangerous housing conditions, violent treatment, and chicks forced to suffer through untreated injuries and illnesses.

This treatment is all too common. Make a difference and take animals off your plate #GoVegan.

Watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/W64tPJcaN-M

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