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"Cheeky" Hamsters
by KindMeal.my, 23 November 2015
Hamsters are some of the most common pets in many countries. They're easy to breed, easy to care for and undeniably adorable, so it's no wonder why many homes feature one of these furry friends. Like other animals, hamsters have evolved to survive in their natural environment, and these skills carry over into their behaviour even when kept as pets.

For instance, have you ever wondered why hamsters are so good at crawling through tunnels? Hamsters are master burrowers who use intricate tunnels systems to hide from predators and the elements, therefore their bodies are designed to navigate the tight corners of their subterranean homes. Syrian hamsters are actually known to burrow as deep as 0.7 miles below ground. In addition to burrowing, hamsters are "food hoarders," capable of transporting large quantities of food in their cheek pouches. When full, these pouches can make a hamster's head up to three times larger. After learning about how well-equipped hamsters are for survival, we see them as way more than a cute pet.

Like hamsters, we at KindMeal.my are big fans of plant-based dining, but we don't recommend you leave the restaurant with your cheeks stuffed full of food. We now have partners all over Malaysia who are offering delicious, compassionate meals, so there's no need to hoard!

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