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BIscuit The 1,000-Pound Rescued Pig
by KindMeal.my, 07 March 2016
BIscuit The 1,000-Pound Rescued Pig

We know that we humans use selective breeding to produce pedigreed dogs of all sizes, shapes and colours, but did you know we do the same with pigs?

This video of Ellie, the founder of the Gentle Barn farm animal sanctuary, is eye-opening. A wild pig can expect to live for 25 years. And lovely, sweet Biscuit, the 500 kg. domesticated pig? Well, he has some challenges.

If you find it even slightly disturbing that we humans are selectively breeding animals solely for food, maybe it's time to re-think how much meat you eat. Let your conscience guide your dining decisions, at least some of the time.

With all the delicious meat-free options available throughout Malaysia at our http://KindMeal.my partners, eating the compassionate way is easy. And painless — for all involved!

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