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Cockatoo Hates Going To Vet
by KindMeal.my, 28 February 2015
Want a change of pace from arguing with your toddler? Adopt a cockatoo.

Many pets hate going to the vet, and Max the Cockatoo is no exception. When he sees his carrier he knows it’s time for a visit, and he gets pretty vocal about it. (He's going for a routine pedicure.)

“For a little bird, he does have some big attitude,” says his human. “He is just a dramatic boy, he is happy and healthy. He is only saying his own bird words, and I can only imagine what they mean.” Although his human doesn’t know exactly what Max is saying he guesses, “It almost sounds like ‘I don’t wanna’! I have never taught him those words, but he could have put them together himself. He is very smart.”

Thankfully, Max’s vet visits are short and are very good for him to keep healthy. And, it turns out that Max really doesn’t mind going. “Max just likes to be in control. He likes the vet and his attention,” his human explains. “He just doesn’t like being made to go.”

Now, if only Max knew there was some delicious food waiting for him, he surely wouldn't be throwing tantrums. And if your friends are throwing tantrums, just pamper them at a http://KindMeal.my/ restaurant with some fantastic meat-free meals and it would surely put a smile on their faces!

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