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Cartoonists Turning the Table
by KindMeal.my, 10 June 2015
Cartoonists Turning the Table

Have we ever thought for a moment about what the world might be like if animals treated us the way we treat them? These rather graphic, violent cartoons provide a perspective that many may never have considered. It certainly makes us stop and think.

How would we like to be made into a fashionable handbag? Or perhaps a rug on someone’s floor? We could be taken away from our family and the home we know, forced to endure our entire life in a cage – or a bathtub, as is the case with many marine mammals, perhaps coming out occasionally to perform tricks for a waiting audience.

Of course, we could always end up as the centrepiece for a holiday dinner or grilled up on a barbecue. Neighborhood a bit too crowded? When the population is on the rise, it might be time to cull the herd. The human herd that is.

Disturbing? Yes. But maybe the next time we think about taking the kids to the circus or to that well-known aquatic theme park, we’ll consider what the animals have to suffer through on a daily basis.

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