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A Delicious KindMoment..
Dec 16th 2014, 5:41PM
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Mangosteen - the last batch before monsoon season arrived. I've mastered the "Art of Scooping Mangosteen" so it pops out on the bowl nicely.

Yes, I'm lucky that get free mangosteens once a while. Maybe coz. of my thick pitiful monkey face with a big label of "feed me"

Mangosteen is known as the Queen of Fruits & often grown nearby the Durian, the King of Fruits. The reasons were simple as it is brings down your blood pressure, cooling & soothing while the Durian is rich in protein thus considered "very hot/heaty".

The Mangosteen has one of the highest antioxidant fruits, thus prized in many countries as the super food especially to prevent cancer, aging & for cleansing. In Thailand, it's fully utilize to create wine, soap, syampoo, cleansing & detoxifying. In Japan, the ladies would smash the skin to create masks for the feet & face. It is very expensive there as this fruit is usually grown in tropical countries.

The only thing annoying about eating Mangosteen is..
the yellow stains from it's skin
hyperactive ants that loves to surround it

So the trick is, use a cupping method & spoon to get the flesh out. As for the ants, usually I will leave it out on newspapers under the sun & play bowling with it (get the idea?).. don't tell your Mom.. that I told you to play with your food, ok :P
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