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A Delicious KindMoment..
Dec 19th 2014, 2:56PM
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Most people think I am insane to reject chocolates.

Well it all started as a kid, whenever I consume any chocolate (in any form), my throat tends to swell, I get phelgm, sick & etc. So every time if I consume the milo drinks or chocolate cake especially if a full piece - guarantee sore throat or sick.

It took years later to realize that I wasn't allergic to chocolate but to the ingredients in it mainly the milk & sugar in it.

So this is one of my favourite dark chocolate with mint that I love & without the side effects. Sometimes for casual events, if I consume anything with any of the "sensitive ingredients", I quickly flush it by drinking loads of tea or water or just simple take a small dosage.

Per box of this Fresh Mint Dark Chocolate cost below RM20. But I've seen it at other places for above that price. Just 1-2 piece of these are room temperature.. you will know this is a good piece of chocolate.

My 2nd experience with really good chocolate was at a Malaysian cocoa shop near Genting. Also pure dark chocolate but was pricely, per small pack is RM30-40+.

If you know any place that sell pure chocolate without (or minimal) of milk & sugar... let me know :)
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