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Lavender @ 1Utama
Petaling Jaya
Apr 6th 2015, 6:21PM
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Potato Croquette from Lavendar, One Utama

Lavendar Bakery is more well known for it's fresh baked pastries and unforgettable-must-buy pineapple tarts during celebrations. One Utama is one of the branch that also housed it's own Lavendar Cafe/Kitchen where food is prepared upon order and mostly available in limited quantity.

Price is definitely slightly higher above average cafe', it's portion is slightly small but the quality and taste is top notch... & that's why it's ALWAYS packed with customers.

It was very good, had 3 of these. The rest of the items in the menu were small in portion. Thus this is the only one that managed to fill me thru breakfast & lunch.

It was fresh baked then fried but not oily & I sense some herbs in it.

#digiLetsInspire #KindMeal
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Tiffany   Apr 6th 2015 at 8:56PM
Wow,it's look delicious
jotsdots   Apr 6th 2015 at 9:02PM
Very addictive. Initially the girls didn't want to eat, scared to oily. But but but.. seeing the way I devoured it #nofilter #nomalu one by one. I am proud to say each of us had at least 3-4 of it :D
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 8th 2015 at 1:29AM
Oic, thanks for the thorough write up! I've never understand why this shop always packed with ppl... Now I know why lol! And also I know which food to try there! ☺
jotsdots   Apr 8th 2015 at 8:34PM
...but my colleagues told me tht one in Johor - more portion, tasted better.
Must try the nasi lemak & some kind of noodle dishes.
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 9th 2015 at 1:21AM
Ah i see, but can never go so far to try that bigger portion lol!
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