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Mar 15th 2016, 10:58PM
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Vegan coconut ice-cream! :3

Edit: Unfortunately, I discovered that they put a small amount of dairy into this. It's outrageous and they do not even warn customers. There's a petition to sign to get the dairy removed:
Please sign!
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MadelineTan   Mar 16th 2016 at 12:42PM
Looks delicious, I want...! :D
BluePenguin   Mar 16th 2016 at 2:19PM
Haha you only put one topping? I thought can put 3 toppings. And did you try the green tea ice cream? I dunno if it's vegan tho 😁
ValeryKoh   Mar 17th 2016 at 2:06PM
I really like Sangkaya :D but it is really pricey, ya?
EtherealDarkling   Mar 18th 2016 at 7:23PM
Yes, unfortunately, it is through ignorance they claim these are vegan. They contain a small amount of dairy milk as I later found out :/
BluePenguin   Mar 19th 2016 at 3:30PM
Whatttt? luckily not a lot if there are people with lactose intolerance eating this...😅🙈🙉🙊
EtherealDarkling   Mar 20th 2016 at 9:31PM
This is what they have said when someone has asked if it's vegan:

"Sangkaya is NOT a dairy-free ice cream. There are little percentage quantities of condensed milk and evaporated milk"

But it says in their website: " The health-conscious and vegans are now entitled to enjoy real ice cream too."

It turns out that the contradiction stems from their total misunderstanding of vegetarianism and veganism. :/ Very careless for a place like theirs. They have been informed of it now.
BluePenguin   Mar 21st 2016 at 10:18AM
Noted ! Thanks Dear
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