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Apr 25th 2015, 5:38PM
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Vegetarian Banana leaf rice for lunch today ! Use to come here often but now it's slightly far awy. Best to come before 12. Sometimes they have beetroot as side dish for veges n that's my Favourite. #kindmeal #digiLetsInspire
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JoeyLee   Apr 25th 2015 at 11:20PM
Haha I super love banana leaf rice too. My Favourite place is this place and nirvana maju in Bangsar. What about urs ?
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 26th 2015 at 5:46PM
They have quite many types of veggies eh.
MeiMei   Apr 26th 2015 at 6:37PM
I will try as many banana leaf rice as I could! So far, the impressive ones are in bangsar, sri petaling and pandan indah! Haha still yet to try the popular Gandhi's in brickfields, I heard it is good!
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 26th 2015 at 7:57PM
One note guys, next time when you eat this, before they serve you the rice and dishes, try to wipe the banana leaf with tissue... ☺
JoeyLee   Apr 26th 2015 at 8:57PM
Hahah I always do if they are water droplets especially but actually the surface of the banana leaf has some antibacterial properties which actually kills various bacteria in the food and can prevent diseases. It cointains large amount of polyphenols
JoeyLee   Apr 26th 2015 at 8:58PM
Which one in pandan Indah @meimei ?
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 26th 2015 at 9:46PM
I had a bad experience when I wiped the leaf, the tissue was all grey!! Think that restaurant didn't clean the leaf... 😱😱😱
JoeyLee   Apr 26th 2015 at 11:30PM
Yikes. Really. Yeah maybe wipe is better. Hahah
MeiMei   Apr 27th 2015 at 10:29AM
Omg leaf covered in dust?? Yucks!
@joeylee there's one corner shoplot mamak same row as public bank pandan indah. They dont have fancy side dishes but their dhal is good. I can just eat the rice with dhhal and papadam!
JoeyLee   Apr 27th 2015 at 6:46PM
@meimei oh cool I will go check it out one of these days. Thks for letting me know.
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