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A Delicious KindMoment..
Jul 13th 2015, 9:05PM
PiggyLovesToEat,  Zhiling,  MeiMei  &  1 food lover like this    
Vegetarian bak kut teh for dinner tonight. Lotsa tofu puffs, fu Chuk , enoki mushroom , monkey head mushroom , oyster mushroom and lettuce with 10 grains rice. #joeylnycooks #meatfree
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BluePenguin   Jul 13th 2015 at 11:43PM
You make me hungry all the time.... 😭
JoeyLee   Jul 14th 2015 at 12:49AM
U can go Eco life tmr kekeke
FatJedi   Jul 14th 2015 at 7:08PM
Hahaha.. So is Joey Bakuteh better than theirs?
JoeyLee   Jul 14th 2015 at 11:08PM
Still Eco life is better. Mine is first experiment. Still have room for improvement 😁😁 perhaps I put less salt as well coz I don't put too much salt in my food. eco life is sweeter than mine.
JoeyLee   Jul 14th 2015 at 11:11PM
Plus Eco life's soup is boiled for long hours. Mine was only boiled for two hours.
FatJedi   Jul 14th 2015 at 11:23PM
Once you figure out the recipe, you will have delicious bakuteh at home 24/7 haha!
JoeyLee   Jul 14th 2015 at 11:41PM
Hahha no lar. Can't eat too often also.too strong for the body to take it daily. Just happen nowadays I have bkt cravings
PiggyLovesToEat   Jul 15th 2015 at 12:43AM
I love so many veggies in your BKT pot!
JoeyLee   Jul 15th 2015 at 1:05AM
Hahaa yeah n this actually for two pax. Bout triple Eco life's portion. 😁
CathyKohBl   Jul 15th 2015 at 11:55AM
Look yummy
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