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A Delicious KindMoment..
Dec 5th 2020, 3:10PM
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Veheart Cafe @ bukit batok Le Quest.
Drop by for dinner since it is near my house.
1. Chicken Burger
2. FISH burger
3. VeHeart Burger
4. Fish finger
5. Mushroom soup
Other than fish burger which is made of konjac (i think so) and so are their fish fingers, the other patties are harder and abit dry.
The dryness of the Veheart burger was compensated by the pineapple in the burger but the chicken burger itself is really dry and hard to bite for a burger bun. I really wonder why their buns are hard for the plain and charcoal but the one i had for fish burger is ok. 😅😅
I also guess they have over heat it and the juice in the patty had gone long time ago (if there are juice in the first place). As long as the juice are lock in and the patties are not overly heated, plus the buns not overly toasted, im sure it will be good.
Mushroom soup and smashed potatoe is ok to me. As long as my girls eat, I'm fine. 🤣
Definitely will support them again since after eating them, I do not have oily jelak taste after which i dreaded while going to some outlets. I believe if they can improve, sure huat huat huat!💰💰💰
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