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4 3
This is a unique vegan cake. It has cauliflower in it, it's gluten free and taste amazingggg! And the frosting is also made out of.. see more
Vegan Chocolate Cake
3 3
I'm a total beyond veggie fan! One thing though I always find their food abit too salty and oily? And the stir fried food too char.. see more
Beyond Veggie
Lot S122, Second Floor, One Utama Shopping Centre, No.1 Lebu..
4 2
Nothing beats homemade edible gifts righhhhtt? Just made a huge batch of sugar free, vegan granola to be given away as X'mas gifts.. see more
Healthy Sugar-Free Granola
5 13
Made from atta flour because Bob's Red Mill Whole Wheat flour is tooo expensive. This way you still get all the nutrients without .. see more
Atta - Banana Bread
5 7
Breakfast on point! Did I mention it's guilt free? 🎉 Have an awesome week ahead ☕️
Chocolate Nana Bread
2 4
Feast your eyes on some yummy healthy Nutellaaaaa ✔️sugar free ✔️all natural ingredients ✔️nothing you can't pronounce see more
Guilt-free Nutella
6 8
Sunday morning situation. Because store bought granolas are packed with sugar! This has no refine sugar and no ingredients you can.. see more
Healthy Nutella Granola
5 5
You can get protein without eating meat. I'm trying to reduce meat consumption and have been trying to incorporate more plant base.. see more
Animal Free Protein
6 15
This is flourless, sugarless, low in calories and above all vegan! 🌟 I promise you they taste like brownies and maybe the best you.. see more
Vegan Chocolate Brownies
5 4
Yummy healthy breakfast that do not taste like cardboard. 😃 ✖️sugar ✖️refined carbs ✖️ingredients you can't pronounce These are .. see more
Healthy Waffles
7 10
All things banana 🍌 Healthy whole wheat nana bread 🍌🍞 🚫 sugar 🚫 butter 🚫 refined carbs
3 5
How's your Monday morning going? ☀️ I hope you see sunshine and sparkles beyond all that haze. Have a healthy and kind week ahead!.. see more
Splendid Monday
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