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A Delicious KindMoment..
Jan 28th 2019, 8:10PM
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-- This recipe was inspired during my study trip to Japan.

-- In Japan, miso soup is a very common dish and the Japanese often creatively generated different variation of miso soup. I was at a Japanese homestay once, and the host served me a very delicious miso soup blended in some peanut butter!!

-- And I decided to recreate a new miso soup variation of my own by replacing that peanut butter with some walnut 😉

-- In this recipe I also added in white radish (with Yin property) to balance the Yang properties of miso and walnut

-- This soup is so easy to make, so nourishing (it's high in proteins, VitB complex and good fats) and so tasty (due to umami factors in miso and walnut); it's hard to say no to it :D
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