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Good Food By Gan
May 10th 2021, 1:10PM
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Sweet and sour pork made vegan. Sweet and sour is almost everybody's childhood favourite I believe. At least for me, because that's the only thing I would eat whenever we go to the Chinese restaurant 😅 (picky eater!)

I tested this recipe a few times with tofu, mushrooms and this time, with tempeh. You know what, I think tempeh makes the best alternative to pork for this recipe! 😋

I cut them into thick slices and dip them into flour batter. Fried them twice to get them nice and crunchy so they won't get soggy after stirring in the sauce.

I served this to my family for dinner and my sisters who hate tempeh told me it tasted fantastic! My elder sister actually said it tasted like pork which made me 🤣🤣🤣.

1st photo was my 4th attempt and I think it's what I am looking for. Will share the recipe soon. The 2nd photo was quite good except I messed up the final steps which made my crispy tempeh all soggy 😭😭😭.

Here is the recipe video!
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