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Raw Chef Yin
Jul 17th 2020, 1:10PM
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I was half wondering whether to just make raw vegan gnocchi but that would mean I wouldn’t be learning how to make the traditional version in a vegan way. Actually I have taken a gnocchi class before from an Italian chef - I remember seeing him flick the bits so elegantly with his knife and me failing miserably. This was way back when I was in the corporate world and one of the team-building sessions was learning how to cook from a professional chef.

Anyways, back to real time. This was a tough one. I had to improvise using my Thermomix and toaster oven. First time around, I tried to see if I could crust the gnocchi but that didn’t work so second time I tried it in the toaster oven instead. Also because I don’t have a working stove top and gas supply so I couldn’t multitask and this dish took me 4 hours to make. 😮It was fun making the dents with the fork though ;) Another dish that’s just wayyyy to rich for my raw vegan tummy.😅 Mr Jazz Guitarist @azsamad loved the mushroom cream.

For the remainder gnocchi I decided to toast it coz hey - it’s basically potato and flour so I figured it’d be some kind of bread/cookie. Turned out quite delicious actually.

Glad I made the cooked version so that I went through the experience of making it. 💚
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