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Raw Chef Yin
Aug 20th 2020, 1:10PM
Like this delicious KindMoment!    

My version has no shallow fry, coz I don’t have a working stovetop! So all the veggies are raw, only the beurre blanc is cooked. But it’s easy enough to make a raw vegan sauce for this too, actually 😃

My submission to @foodfutureinstitute

🥒The last time I tried making gnocchi in my Thermomix, it was a bit too challenging so this time I experimented with using avocado and mango instead and used a donut cutter to cut them into gnocchi-like shapes! In terms of texture, the avocado worked pretty well coz it's soft and pillowy :)

I couldn't get zucchini so I substituted with kyuri instead.

Made the beurre blanc with a coconut oil spread instead of nuttelex so maybe that's why it didn't seem thick enough. But I ate up everything coz it tasted real good to me.

Thanks for another interesting lesson. So nice to be able to learn all sorts of international dishes in this course 🙏🙏🙏

⭐Instructor feedback:⭐
Chef Yin I'am so glad you are enjoying the recipes from around the world, how you adapt them into your own versions. This is what cooking is all about, getting guidelines and inspiration from others and creating your own style. So happy that you found your style. I love how fresh this looks and the vibrancy of this dish pops. The gnocchi appear to be delicious and seems to work well with the plating. Sort of like a warm salad. Happy as always to see what you create through each lesson.
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