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Raw Chef Yin
May 11th 2021, 3:10PM
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🍚Cheating Loh Mai Kai by Raw Chef Yin (cooked, vegan)

I watched @goodlife_gan’s YouTube video on Loh Mai Kai and was craving for it. However, mine is a cheat’s version as I used leftover cooked rice. And since I had portobello mushrooms I used that although traditionally shiitake mushrooms are used. But this still satisfied me. I also prefer to use sauces that are less processed so I steer away from things like vegetarian oyster sauce & go for minimally processed flavourings instead.

✅1 tablespoon @mu.soysauce
✅1 tablespoon Masarang Arenga Forest Sugar from @straitswholefoods (made into a syrup)
✅1 tsp Shaoxing wine
✅½ tsp organic sesame oil
✅1 teaspoon organic tauchu
✅½ tsp 5-spice powder
✅1 inch ginger
✅1 clove garlic
✅White pepper
✅Brown rice + berry rice from @mewah.my
✅½ portobello mushroom
✅Microgreens from The Farm Asia
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