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A Delicious KindMoment..
Dec 18th 2014, 2:19AM
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DIY/Home made Overnight Oats

Look Ma! It does not drop!
I walked around demonstrating how compact, gooey it sticks to the jar.

Making this is fun & easy.
1) Basically used:
Quaker's Oatmeals (3 spoons)
Milo (2 spoon)
Yoghurt (optional)

2) Then use 1 chopstick. Yes, just 1 chopstick to mix it on the same jar. It should fill just 1/2 of the jar.

3) Pour in some soya milk slowly & let it soak naturally, it should expand periodically. Then use the chopstick to stab it slowly so the soya milk will penetrate other areas. You can stir it but it becomes hard to rotate like mixing superglue/cement.

4) Press some small bananas or chopped banans into it.

Close the lid. Store it in the fridge & take it out about 10-15mins., leave it at room temperature before consuming it in the morning.
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