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Japanese Fusion Delights
Sushi Kitchen Kota Damansara   -   Petaling Jaya & 1 Branches
Aug 28th 2022, 4:33PM
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Been a loooong time since we’ve dined in at Sushi Kitchen Kota Damansara.

We went hiking at the Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve so this was the perfect opportunity to pop by Sushi Kitchen for lunch.

Also, KindMeal.my has a meal deal which gives you 15% off the dishes.

Go here for the free coupon: https://www.kindmeal.my/SushiKitchen

We had our usual standards, which are the large sushi platter and the spicy noodles.
And we were lucky that they had Penang Char Kuay Teow on the day we were there too.

🌱S19 Happiness Family RM40.00
4 pcs crispy G-ken floss inside-out roll + 4pcs rainbow maki + 4pcs global warming maki + 2pcs pure inari + 2pcs chuka wakame gunkan.

🌱B3 Happy Spicy Noodle RM12.00
Local claypot noodles.
Hand plucked crunchy white cabbage.
Rich & creamy soup (perfect flavor for spicy lover), fresh lemongrass, fresh turmeric, fresh curry leaves, fresh red hot chili, dried red chili, fresh big red chili, tofu (fully homemade local ingredients)
Toppings: Freshly toasted black sesame seeds, organic ground flaxseed.

🌱C7Japanese Edamame Fried Rice-White rice RM14.00
Ingredients: Unshelled edamame beans, organic mushrooms, cute-shaped carrot, hand plucked crunchy white cabbage, vegetable oil, premium grade whole sesame oil, special Sushi kitchen fried rice light soy sauce, white pepper.
Toppings: Thick soy sauce (for chef's intuition drawing use), japanese lettuce, freshly toasted black sesame seeds, organic ground flaxseed.
*Choices of brown rice or white
(Oh…I would have taken the brown rice option but I guess I didn’t really look at the menu properly lol)

🌱Penang Char Kuay Teow *Medium spicy RM12.00
KindMeal Discount 15% RM9.90
Total RM68.10

This is a 100% vegan restaurant - YAYYYYYY!!!@ Parking is free 😃

Thank you for the warm welcome back, Sushi Kitchen. What a pleasant surprise to see our names on the Happiness Family platter 🥰
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KindMealAdmin   Aug 29th 2022 at 3:11PM
Thank you for dining at Sushi Kitchen and sharing your delicious moment!
YinYinBoey   Aug 30th 2022 at 9:53PM
you're welcome :)
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